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As most of you know Lent began on March 6th and this year I’ve decided to “unplug” from social media so that I could “plug” into God more. Today marks one week with out “plugging” into Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest. So far I’m doing pretty good and I haven’t gone running back to social media. For awhile I kept forgetting that I wouldn’t be able to share things on Facebook. I kept thinking of things I wanted to post or pictures I wanted to share only to have to remind myself that it would have to wait till after Lent.

If many of you are like me and spend a great deal of time watching videos or scrolling through Facebook, you, like me, would need a plan before unplugging. I wrote out a plan and listed all the things I could replace social media with and had them ready to go when Lent began.

Some of my “unplugging” arsenal!

The picture above shows a few things I’ve been doing and using. I am loving the 100 days of bible promises devotional journal and have not missed a day journaling it since Lent started. I found that calligraphy book at dollartree and though it would be fun to use it at night in place of videos. Why not learn something new during this time, right? The other things represent time spent crafting. I fixed that cross necklace and put my glitter collection into new bottles for easy use. I’ve been cooking more too!

I realized in this one week unplugged that social media accounted for a lot of my time, time I always tell myself I don’t have for things like my crafting, journaling and cooking. So let’s see, I’ve learned this week that I can, in fact, survive one week unplugged, that I am able to get more things done without the call to social media swirling in my head. Let’s hope I can keep this up for the next five weeks.

What’s next?

I have a a lot more things planned to fill in my new found time, I have two books I want to read, one I already started. I’m reading one during my lunch breaks to keep me away from my phone. The other book I’d like to start reading in the evening. I have a back log of craft projects needing to be finished, and I like to continue cooking more. I will also continue to blog and post once week through out Lent on how and what I’m doing and what I’m learning. Since I am off social media, if you want to reach me please comment on my blog or shoot me an email, Id love to know how your Lent is going and how I can pray for you during this time. Love and Blessing, Carrie-


Just a single Christian woman navigating through life with the Lord as my compass.

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