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Hello everybody, I’m back!

This past lent season has been an amazing journey. During that season, I unplugged from social media, took a hiatus from blog, spent more time with Lord, started new habits and restructured my blog.  Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it.


At the end of the first week of lent I posted a blog about how I had decided to “unplug” from social media. No Facebook, no YouTube and no Pinterest. I had never fully unplugged before and I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t make through. Well not only did I make it through, but I have decided not to come back fully to it. I have really enjoyed filling that time with reading, prayer journaling and other more productive things.

I really do feel that unplugging from social media has changed me. I no longer feel that constant pull towards it and that need to keep checking Facebook every few minutes to see if someone liked, loved, or, commented on something I posted. There is a definite sense of freedom that has come from this and I highly recommend trying it for yourself especially if your like me and always think your have “no time” for things. You might just find you have your own time thief.

My blog hiatus

Let’s talk about my blog. When lent began I was currently going through a course called the “Build your own blog boot-camp”. I started learning all kinds of new things and I quickly realized I really had no idea what  I was getting into. I decided to take a step back from my blog to research and get a better idea of what blogging really involves. I ended up with information overload and started freaking out.

There were all these things swirling in my head self-hosted, not self-hosted, .coms, .orgs, categories, subtopics, email lists, on and on and on. I panicked! Did I do my whole blog wrong? Is my blog going to fail if I don’t do all these things? Maybe I should just quit!


I really was ready to call it quits. So I prayed and after that I prayed some more and It came to me that I needed to stop, take a deep breath and take a hiatus from blogging for the lent season.  I decided to do some soul searching and I began by asking myself some questions. Why did I want to write a blog? What is my blog focus? I asked my family and friends about it. You know what they told me? Just write! So that’s what I decided to do and I’m doing it my way. I’m starting right from where I am and taking things post by post.

This blog is definitely a work in progress. I’m still learning new things ( I am so not good with this tech stuff), and trying new things. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t have this blog all figured out yet, so please bear with me. I am going to do my best to get a new post up once a month starting now. I hoping to add new topics and fun things for you, my readers or future readers, to be involved in and enjoy. All I ask from you right now, other then prayers of course, is your patience.  I’m working towards bringing you great content, a way to connect with me on social media, and making my blog a place, or web page, you want to be.

Final Thoughts

Let me end by telling you this, your only ever going to get the real Carrie. My words will always be true and from my heart. No it’s not going to be perfect, why?, because I’m not perfect. I don’t strive for perfection. I strive to be the best me I can be as the imperfect human God made me to be, on purpose for a purpose.

Your thoughts are important to me, so if you have a suggestion or an idea for this blog please don’t hesitate to comment or send me an email. We are in this together!

Love and Blessings, Carrie

P.S. Check out my new About me page!!


Just a single Christian woman navigating through life with the Lord as my compass.

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