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For many Christians, Lent is a time of sacrifice. We choose to abstain or fast from something in order to have more time with God and to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. This year, however, is different. I don’t think I need to tell you why or how because ,unlike toilet paper, it’s everywhere. I believe God has chosen our sacrifice for us this year for both believers and non-believers.

Pandemic Sacrifices

I think most of the world has been given an order to shelter in place or to quarantine by their perspective governments. Many people are sacrificing going to the office for working at home or not working at all. Students are sacrificing classrooms and time with friends for online classes. Having online classes means no school programs. No marching band, no plays, no sports and no school dances. That sucks!

Those of us, like myself, who work essential jobs are sacrificing our safety and lives every time we show up to work. I had a man at my Pharmacy counter the other day saying he had a fever and a cough. He was concerned he had the virus. The Pharmacist gave him a mask, a recommendation and told him to go home and stay there. Yikes!

We are sacrificing the communities we are involved in and the plans we made. Things like clubs, church, vacations we planned , and senior centers are all closed or cancelled. They have been replace with online gatherings or nothing.

Nothing is Normal Anymore

Over the past few weeks I’ve woken up in the middle of the night only to realized that I am waking up into a bad dream and not out of one. My anxiety has been high and I find myself suddenly becoming afraid at times. Nothing is normal. We can’t go shopping for the sake of shopping, or go to the movies or the mall. Can’t eat out at our favorite restaurant. Going grocery shopping isn’t even normal anymore. Where are all the eggs? and the meat?? We can’t even hug our friends. I’m not able to visit my disabled sister in her apartment and she can’t even visit her neighbors.

What can we do?

  1. Make new normal routines

My sister and I have started going for walks and playing online games together.

2. Read scripture or listen to mood boosting music

I have been singing the lyrics of the song “In the eye of the storm” at night when my anxiety is high.

3. Do crafts

Challenge yourself and your family to make stuff with things you have on hand.

Have a movie marathon in your living room. Read a book, or 2, or 3. Do anything to keep your mind busy. Limit you exposure to new reports and go to church online. Just seeing my church and pastor in a live stream video service gave me a small sense of normalcy.

For me I have decided to step back from my chosen sacrifice, which was to abstain from sugar, to accept the one the Lord has chosen for me. No I’m not sitting here downing copious amount of candy, I’m just not going to worry about how much sugar, if any, is in my food. I am worrying about enough things and I need my focus to be on my family and my patients, not my food.

Take a breath

I know it seems big and scary now, but God’s got this! We will pull through. If you have any suggestions on things to do to help cope with this pandemonium please comment below. Please like, share and follow me here, or my Facebook page: .

Love and Blessings, Carrie


Just a single Christian woman navigating through life with the Lord as my compass.

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